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Design Matters

If you can't find a Ready To Go Design that suits your business we can offer you our Custom Design service. It's a fixed price package which delivers great value for money and gives you a shop designed uniquely for you. Our design team has worked on web projects large and small for a wide range of clients. Have a look through the slides to find out about how we like to approach things.

At a fixed price of £999 for a complete shop design, our Custom Design package offers excellent value for money. Please email us or call 0141 611 5081 to discuss your requirements.
Step 1 - Take the Brief
ORSOn online shop package features

Good web design is all about preparing a great brief. So, before we even start designing, we want to know all about you. One of our designers will talk to you about your business, your market, your likes and dislikes, essentially what your business is all about. We find the best results are achieved by working closely with you, the client.
Step 2 - Design and Present Concepts
ORSOn online shop package features

Design is a two way process, and we find it works best when we present a few ideas to discuss with you. At this stage your feedback is invaluable and although, if the brief is right, we are usually close to the mark, there will always be a degree of fine tuning based on your own thoughts.
Step 3 - Build Your Online Shop
ORSOn online shop package features

When we have your approval, we can go ahead and build the structure of your online shop and create a set of custom graphics which will be used throughout the site. We work with you to define and create a package of graphics which directly reflect your product range and promotional activities throughout your retail year.

Here are some examples of our custom designs. Each one is unique to our client's business...