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ORS:On Features

ORS:On is packed with useful tools to make life easier. Here are some of the key features ORS:On offers:
Create unlimited new catalogue categores and sub categories
Create unlimited new products
Add multiple images per product - choice of image zoom or enlarge
Multiple SKUs per product
Easily handle products that come in various colours, sizes etc
Create unlimited new pages for shop eg. for shop information
Page template chooser - change layout of pages
Built in Image Libray - upload organise site images
Auto image resizing - product and site graphics scale to fit
Organise products into multiple categories - useful for special promotions
Create product groups
Displays Latest Products, Special Offers, Featured or Custom groups
Catalogue and page navigation - drag and drop tool to rearrange nav bar
Manage catalogue page content through master cateogory or individually
HTML library - organise embedded code - video etc
Full integration with secure payment collection. PayPal or WorldPay
Manage orders - view and mark as shipped
Print packing slips and adress labels
Assign stock inventory to products
Low inventory alerts
Shipping Band Manager
Set up for multiple regions countries and weights
Order confirmation email - personalise your email response to orders
Stats package - track popular pages
Create promotions and unique promotional codes - incentivise customers and track effective advertising
Email subscribe - build up your customer database and send out emails
Where did you find us? - effective tracking of adverting
Product search built in - allows your customers to search within your shop
Add Google Analytics to your site - track unique visitors, page hits, referring sites and much more.
Search engine friendly URLs
Add meta tag date via content management system